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whatsapp bulker

Whatapp Bulker

Whatapp Bulker is marketing software that can be used to send WhatsApp messages in bulk and also can be used to personalize the messages without having to save numbers in your phone.

Currently, the most powerful and cost-effective marketing strategy in the world is WhatsApp marketing.

It seems like nearly everyone in the world now has a smartphone with WhatsApp installed on it that they take wherever they go.

WhatsApp is a huge and untapped traffic source that’s just waiting to be explored and utilized properly from a marketing perspective.

No digital marketer has really considered it, and this makes it a very hot traffic source right now.

Whatapp Bulker  is here to help you take advantage of this traffic source and do it the right way.

With a large base of 3 billion daily WhatsApp users, and with over 100 billion messages sent via WhatsApp daily, there’s never been a better time to capitalize on this technology.

Plus, WhatsApp messages have over a 98% open rate — unlike email, which has a poor and decreasing open rate.

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  • Whatsapp Bulker  lets you successfully break into a huge and untapped marketing traffic source
  • Over 98% open rate — unlike email, people pay great attention to any message they receive via WhatsApp with serious engagement
  • Personalize your messages — imagine being able to mention the name of each person receiving your messages on WhatsApp
  • Best for: Anyone looking to explore the numerous possibilities and opportunities that come through marketing with WhatsApp
  • Send bulk WhatsApp messages without saving numbers in your phone

  • Personalize the WhatsApp messages (mention each person’s name)

  • Extract phone numbers of the members of any WhatsApp Group you belong to with just a click

  • Attach files — such as docs, images, audio, video, etc. — and send in bulk

  • Generate WhatsApp phone numbers of any country

  • Filter WhatsApp phone numbers from the non-WhatsApp phone numbers

  • Software serves multi-user interfaces so you can launch multiple sections of the software at the same time without limits

What You Get

  •   Lifetime access to WhatsApp Bulker




What People Say About Whatsapp Bulker ?

Amazing product and great support! The product is awesome. Works very reliably and has all the features I need. I love the delay feature that makes the sending more human like hence preventing issues with the WhatsApp account.
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